At Lusso Outdoor you have a wide choice of materials for your kitchen countertop, each with their own unique benefits and properties.

Dekton consists of 100% natural materials, such as glass, quartz and porcelain, which are compressed under extremely high pressure. This gives the top exceptional properties, including heat resistance up to 450°C, extreme scratch resistance, and a non-porous and waterproof surface. Dekton is available in several exclusive stone colors. Despite its hardness, Dekton is more susceptible to edge impact damage compared to other stone tops.

Marazzi ceramic kitchen countertop is made from a high-quality mix of raw materials, giving it mechanical properties. This material is heat resistant, highly scratch resistant, stain resistant and has extremely low porosity. Marazzi also has high flexural strength and color stability, making it ideal for kitchen countertops that are long lasting and low maintenance.

ABK Stone's porcelain kitchen worktop offers several advantages, including aesthetics, multifunctionality, hygiene, safety, cost savings and ease of use. The induction system is fully integrated into the kitchen worktop, eliminating the need for cutting. The surface is compact and non-porous, ensuring high hygiene and easy maintenance. In addition, the system is energy efficient and easy to use.

Materials Lusso outdoor

Resistant to corrosion and rust

We use aluminum for outdoor kitchen cabinets because of its durability and lightness. Aluminum cabinets are resistant to corrosion and rust, making them perfect for outdoor environments. In addition, you can have the cabinets coated with different colors, so you can match the style of your outdoor kitchen to your personal taste and the look of your outdoor space.

Would you like to feel the materials for yourself and see the colors with your own eyes? Then make an appointment now in our showroom and discover the possibilities for your outdoor kitchen. Or download our brochure for more information and inspiration. Be surprised by the quality and versatility of Lusso Outdoor.